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An every day, run of the mill trip to the grocery store now takes at least twice as long as it used to. Now we have to take a pass through the Christmas aisle and the toy aisle. Today, though, I probably could have skipped both of them since Ingrid had her full concentration on the bag of mini Reese's pieces she slipped into the cart.

In addition to all the detours she requests, grocery shopping with Ingrid is getting more and more difficult. Whereas in the past she was content to sit in the cart and just enjoy the ride, she now likes to get out half way through and runs ahead of me and either wants to hang off the front of the cart or will gather up all the junk food she can find at her shelf height and put it in the cart when I'm not looking. Usually, I can fish it all out before we get to the check-outs but not always. I feel so bad for the staff who get to do all the clean-up after Hurricane Ingrid has blown through and I've taken things out three aisles away from where it belongs.

Ingrid has spent a lot of time in shopping carts in her young life. Together we have spent many thousands of dollars. I will miss these days (not the spending part, though).