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Every year Ottawa hosts a toy warehouse sale at Lansdowne Park. I hate going there by myself because it's in a part of town I am unfamiliar with and uncomfortable driving in. But the lure of cheap(ish) toys beckoned me so I packed up and made the trek. Big mistake! Not only was it crowded to the point that I felt a little panicky and unsafe, I ended up driving down two one way streets on my way back home from it. Opps. It took me twice as long to get home as it should have thanks to the many wrong turns I took.

I was pretty disappointed. I found some interesting toys that would have made wonderful Santa presents but I was too overwhelmed to stick around and just left everything. This Barney was one of the toys I was so happy to have found but so disappointed to leave it. As you know, Ingrid loves Barney, and as you also know, Barney is a relic from the past, a true toy dinosaur, who is impossible to find in today's department stores. Barney is a small fortune on all the ebay listings I've ever found. So when I found him today I was estatic.

Derek went after work and found this lonely guy all by himself. I guess Barney is pretty popular around here. He was supposed to be a Christmas gift but Derek has a hard time resisting Ingrid and let her have it tonight. She was giddy with excitement. She danced to all his songs and then got down to the serious business of feeding him and decorating him with stickers. A sign of true love in Ingrid's little world.