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All my life I have wanted to live in a house with a yard full of big, leafy trees. Trees that would turn gorgeous colours in the fall and dump heaps of leaves all over the ground. There was something awe inspiring to me to watch entire families outside on a Saturday afternoon raking leaves together. Growing up, the Chafe's were never that family. So to say it was a little disappointing to move to this house with scarcely a shrub let alone a tree on the property would be a gross understatement. I guess hideous, aging, above ground eyesores, I mean pools, don't fare well with big, leaf dropping trees. Either way, we set to work planting our own trees and filling the yard with as much low maintenance vegetation as we could. I love that "Ingrid's tree", the Autumn Blaze that we planted for her just before she was born, makes the most beautiful reddish pink leaves.

This makes me happy.