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Still enjoying the warm weather these days. I don't remember a November in Ottawa ever being this lovely. It's tricky, though. We wake up to pretty chilly temperatures and overnight the cars get covered in a thin layer of frost that needs to be scraped every morning. I'm never sure what to dress Ingrid in. Since she goes to daycare in the morning when it's still chilly and will likely be going outside to play for a little while I want her to be warm so I put on last year's winter coat. Then by noon it's warmed up by about eight degrees or more so she ends up being too warm. Oh well. I'm sure it won't be like this much longer.

We pass by this little park every morning and afternoon on our way to and from daycare. Today I decided to stop for a little while to let Ingrid have some fun. And since she was already pretty muddy from her walk to the grocery store with all her little daycare friends, I figured what's a little sand on top of it?

When I finally decided on a home daycare for Ingrid, I was sure I'd be able to dress her up a little more than I would have been able to in a daycare centre where they told us to dress her only in play clothes we didn't mind getting dirty and stained. After all, the centre she was going to was manned by three imbeciles who couldn't give a crap whether or not a child was hurt let alone dirty. I figured in a home daycare things would be cleaner because it's in some home where they live with their own families. But Ingrid comes home pretty dirty most days. At least her outside clothes get dirty. Last year, I think I washed her coat three times. Since November 1, I have washed it three times already. She keeps rubbing up against her daycare provider's car in the driveway when they go outside to play (she has a very small backyard and no where else to play). Thankfully, the coat is perfectly washable, down filling and all! Her sneakers, however, are a different story. They are filthy, full of mud. I need to wash them but I'm afraid they will get ruined. Oh well. It's almost boot season and Ingrid's feet will probably be too big for her current sneakers next week at the rate she's growing.