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There once was a little girl who didn't go to bed until midnight and who decided to wake up again at 2, then 2:30, then 3... By 5:30 she was up for the morning asking for her daddy to make her an egg sandwich for breakfast. And so he did. At 7:30, when it was time for the daddy to get ready for work, the mommy woke up and tried to get the little girl to go back to sleep. She wouldn't.

The mommy was tempted to skip daycare this morning and just let the little girl go back to sleep eventually but decided to bring her anyway. The mommy expected to get a pick up call almost immediately but one very tired little girl lasted three and half hours before needing to go home again.

They weren't in their own house five minutes before the little girl fell into a deep, deep slumber.

It's so hard to be two.