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Not up early. Up waaaay late.

After the Santa Claus parade on Saturday, Ingrid went to bed at 8:00. We were both shocked but chalked it up to just being tired from all the fresh air and excitement that is a parade. When she didn't wake up again until nearly 12 and a half hours later we were flat out dumbfounded. A new phase? Oh, how we hoped.
So, tonight after having no nap, a decent meal and some excitement from having Cindy here, when Ingrid hit the sack at 7:00 we took it to mean she was out for the night.

Not so, Friends. Something was telling me I should take advantage of the early bed time and catch up on some much needed zs myself, but I procrastinated and mistakenly put my money on a repeat performance from the previous night and instead chose to stay up doing everything but sleep.

When Ingrid woke up at 1:00am I knew I was in for a very long night. She had absolutely no interest in going back to bed. Instead, we read books, watched some Barney, watched some of our favourite home made videos and ate peanut butter and jam sandwiches at 3:45. Derek got up at 5:30 and somehow got Ingrid to go to sleep.

This not sleeping through the night act is getting so old.

I am tired.