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Hello 14 degrees in November!

Ingrid has not been doing well at daycare this week. We missed Monday altogether due to not sleeping the night before and today she cried to come home after only an hour. I'm not sure what's up with her. She was clearly very tired today but kept refusing to take a nap. So we took a short walk to the park where she had a blast going down the slide over and over. She wasn't out of her stroller five minutes before she got her pants soaking wet, though. It had rained a lot the night before and the slide had collected a nice pool of water at the top. Fortunately, it wasn't too cold and she was somewhat protected by her diaper so we didn't leave right away. Not that it was an option, anyway. She was not going to leave until I pretended to walk away without her. I hate doing that but sometimes it's necessary.