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After a difficult Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, today was shaping up to be much the same. I struggled to get Ingrid up and properly nutritioned and out the door for day care but surprisingly I managed. After dropping Ingrid off I hurried back towards home and decided to make a quick stop at the opticians office. I've had a prescription and growing need for new glasses since late August and have never found or made the time to go get it filled. I went to Price Club for the exam but decided not to go too cheap on the actual glasses so I went to a place where I thought there would be better quality. Lesson: Never judge a book by it's cover. Just because the store looked fancy and they had lots of room to roam, it didn't mean they had anything for me. In fact, what they did have were clearly old stock and waaaaay too expensive. So I walked out and came home.

Given Ingrid's inability to stay at daycare for more than and hour and a half any day this week I stayed by the phone all morning. I had both my cell phone and house phone next to me and whenever I moved they went with me. After two and half hours of no pick up calls I decided to chance it and ran to Price Club to look at glasses there. Within minutes I had three potential pairs. I hate shopping for glasses by myself but it really felt like a now or never moment. So I finally got myself some glasses. No idea when they'll arrive, though.

Around 1:00 I got a call from Ingrid's daycare telling that she'd had a stellar morning so far, had eaten a decent amount at lunch and was doing very well. She ended up staying all day. All. Day. I picked her up at 4:30. It was the strangest kind of day. I seriously didn't do anything once I came home. I really did just sit there and wait for the call to go pick her up.

And tonight we had fresh cherries. Oh how I love these beauties. Nature's candy. Ingrid, to my delight, loves them, too. She ate 16! I won't go so far as to say that Ingrid is a good eater, but she's rounding the corner and,if she likes what I'm offering she will eat a nice portion of it. Now that feels great.

Needless to say, it was a cherry on top kind of day! Here's to better days ahead!