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This is kind of how I imagined my life would only it would include even more family members. I always pictured myself living in St. John's my entire life, surrounded by my starter family and the one I would create myself. I pictured celebrating all kinds of occasions with my sister and brothers, and with Derek's family, too. We never knew our cousins who were close in age to us (even though we all lived in the same city), and the other cousins we did know were much older and not suitable playmates, really. I envied all my friends who had built-in friends in their cousins. I knew from an early age that I would want my children to be close to their cousins.

But then I grew up, got married and moved away to a place where I didn't have any close relatives and I was sure I never would.

Until two years ago when Derek's sister and nephews moved to within just a few hours driving distance. Ever since, we've been able to get together every now and then and have the kind of celebrations I always wanted.

Today, Cindy, Eirik and Alec came by to celebrate three birthdays: Derek's, Eirik's and mine. We had chinese takeout and yummy yummy chocolate ice cream cake. I think I speak for everyone when I say we all had a good time.