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About a week ago Derek took Ingrid to Zellers to look around and give me a break for a little while. Ingrid loves going to the mall that Zellers is in with Derek. Every morning as we drive by on the way to daycare she points to it and tells me that she has ice cream there with Daddy. He also takes her into Zellers where they spent copious amounts of time looking at and testing all sorts of toys. On their latest shopping adventure Derek spied this little work bench on sale for a steal. Regularly it was $89. He scored it for $22. Granted it was a display model and didn't come in box but all the pieces were there and Ingrid liked it so it was a good purchase.

Derek is not very good at early Christmas shopping. Every time he buys something for either Ingrid or me he gets so excited and can't keep it to himself. For Ingrid he just flat out gives it to her and shrugs his shoulders at me as if to say "Oh well. She's cute. I can't help myself." For me, he will buy something and manage to keep it quiet for about a day or two but then tells me he bought something for me. I really would rather be surprised on the event he bought it for then be forwarned but he can't control himself. Instead of just giving it to me he will tell me he has something, throw a million not so subtle hints and make me guess, over and over. And because I can read Derek like a book I know well in advance what he has up his sleeve and usually only need one guess. It flabbergasts him but he never seems to learn from it.

Anyway, Ingrid is a little spoiled and it's all Derek's fault.

Just sayin'.