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In the last two days I have washed one matress protector, two sets of sheets, two turtle teddy bears, three couch cushion covers and multiple articles of clothing belonged to the three of us.

Ingrid is sick. After she fell asleep in his arms on Saturday night, Derek moved to put Ingrid down on our bed. She woke up almost instantly and threw up what little food she had eaten for supper. Again, Sunday morning after eating three bites of an english muffin she threw up. After throwing up yet again last night she slept pretty well but when she woke up this morning she seemd lethargic. I took her downstairs to get some breakfast. As soon as her feet hit the main floor she made a mad dash for the rug by the front door and plopped down on it. I don't like it when she lays down there but there was no moving her. So I carried on and started to prepare her breakfast. Next thing I hear her calling out to me that her body hurts and within seconds she's throwing up all over the rug and one of her favourite turtles. Ingrid is not a quiet sick person. She wails and is pretty much inconsolable immediately following an episode. Not that I blame her. It's not fun. I called her in sick to daycare and was informed that another one of the children there was also sick on the weekend. Hmmm... With no other symptoms and a big disappointment in the food Shalu provides, I can't help but wonder if it might be a case of food poisoning.

Last night when she blew chunks of partially digested grapes all over my favourite yellow sheets I was exhausted and totally not in the mood to do yet another load of what I call "big laundry". But the stench of it was pretty motivating.

I hope she feels better soon.