> Summer 2008

a cool day at the beach
my beach combers
the andersens
the most easterly point
too, too cute
a mommy and me moment
whoooo's a baby?
1/4 american
upper canada village
scary fish
clip clop
buggy ride
happiest place on earth
baby + elephant
elephants! lions! zebras! GIRAFFES!
flamin' flamingos
unknown species
another unknown
derek and his kin
dopey dwarf's little sister
here fishy, fishy, fishy!
an all too common occurance
sleepy head
squishies for ingrid
always doing chores
splishy splashy
cathedral ledge
just us
it was tempting, though
one more from cathedral ledge
a hurricane's a comin'
can we say price gouging?
what a difference a day makes
Awww... that's more like it
York Beach, ME
panorama me
to the top
ham sandwich
roughing it
a view from the top
us, again
the tram
me and my girl